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MADE AE-23 (Owned by Gamesa)


MADE/Gamesa 180KW wind turbine on a 94' tubular tower.  Generator access by climbing inside the tower.  The turbines have 400 volt, 3 phase, 50Hz asynchronous induction generators.  These are active yaw, upwind machines.  They were in operation until November 2008, and were on a regular maintenance schedule.  The machine comes complete with the generator head, blades, tower, control box and cabling from the generator to the control box.  All documentation is included in Spanish.  Machines are available for immediate shipment from our facility in Minnesota.

Start up: 3.5 m/s

Full Output: 14 m/s

Max Operating Wind Speed: 28 m/s

Rotor Diameter: 24 m

Rotor RPM: 43

Nacelle and Rotor Weight: 11,000 Kg.

Tower Weight: 12,300 Kg.

Tower Height: 28 m

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