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What does Refurbish mean?

  • Generator inspected, tested, bearings replaced, re-wound or re-dipped as necessary

  • Gearbox inspected, seals replaced as needed, gears replaced as needed, fluids changed

  • New Gearbox to Generator Coupler 

  • New or rebuilt yaw bearing (model dependent)

  • Blades inspected, balanced and refinished or remanufactured as necessary

  • Hub inspected and adjusted, linkages replaced as needed

  • Brake calipers rebuilt

  • Master cylinders rebuilt if applicable

  • New Pneumatic Lines (model dependent)

  • Towers inspected, repaired as needed

  • New System Control box

  • New Contactor

  • New Thermal Overload Relay

  • New control box to generator wiring

  • New Paint

  • Any other worn or malfunctioning parts replaced

  • Functional system test after refurbishment


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